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I'm trying to decide between Revizzit, Kindle and iTunes. Can you give some of the reasons Revizzit is the best choice?

Last Updated: Feb 16, 2014 01:31PM PST
Thanks for asking. There are so many differentiators between what we do at Revizzit and other publishing platforms like iBooks and Kindle, it's hard to know where to start!

The major things to consider about what we offer, by comparison, are: 
  1. Customer value
  2. Price and business value
  3. Security

Let me touch on each topic...

For customer value, your products on Revizzit are Live Connected to your customers. This means you can at any time add material to your book and instantly change every copy you've ever sold.

The customer does nothing, except always have the best possible information at hand. They "revisit" your product more often because of this value, which creates a better relationship and future sales.

Your product is also fully multimedia - video, audio, web content - whatever you want to include.

Our price and business value is far superior to anything else. For starters, both Apple and Amazon will not even provide your customers' identity to you - no email address, nothing.

At Revizzit, you not only get the customer's email address, but you also get paid instantly, directly from the customer. And our service fee is only 10%, not 30-65% like the others.

We also give you many, many options for building your products - creating product bundles, private distribution, vouchers, automated (dripped) content, and even an affiliate network so others can help you sell your products. Unlike the others, you are also free to advertise inside your Revizzit publications.

Finally, Revizzit has unparalleled product security. The text and images cannot be copy/pasted, links and URLs cannot be seen, no viewing source code, pages can only be printed if you grant permission on a page by page basis - and everything viewed in our app is covered by an invisible fingerprint that can identify the user in the event of screen capture or recording.

 Other platforms seem to do everything to get in the way of your success...

Revizzit actually cares about your business. When you make money, so do we!

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