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I am having a problem accessing my content on my laptop, it keeps saying that I am offline.

Last Updated: Feb 14, 2014 06:27PM PST

We're sorry to hear you are having this issue!

Fortunately, it's usually easy to resolve. Try one of these suggestions:

Solution 1
In the Revizzit app, click on our logo in the upper left of the toolbar and choose "Logout" from the drop-down menu. Close Revizzit, then open again and login.

Solution 2
If that does not solve it, it may be caused by the default browser on the computer. Revizzit uses whichever browser the system has set to default in order to connect online. Therefore, if you are using Internet Explorer, for example, so does Revizzit.

In Internet Explorer, there is a strange feature called "Work Offline" which has caused similar problems for others. The solution is to either change the setting, or switch your default browser to Firefox, Chrome or another.

To change the setting on IE, Click on the File menu at the top left of Internet Explorer and look for an option called "Work Offline". If it's checked, uncheck it and you should be fine.

Here is a link to a support page on Microsoft that discusses the issue.

Solution 3
You may have a firewall setting or anti-virus program blocking Revizzit's internet access. To quickly test if this is the case, try disabling your firewall or anti-virus software and see if Revizzit works. If so, you just need to add it to the list of authorized programs. See your software support on how to add programs to the whitelist.

Solution 4
You might be offline! Sometimes a wifi connection drops, or if you are at a cafe or public place you may need to open your browser and agree to terms.


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